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We think it’s important:
Our suction cups are
made of SAFE medical-grade PVC. They contain NO heavy metals & are approved under strict(er) RoHS European Standards.

Cheaper imported cups?
We choose not to handle them.
Literally !

For Sun-Catchers, Ornaments, Merchandise, Stained-Glass,  Signs & Pictures, Business, Memos & Reminders, Craft Creations, Manufacturing Components, 
DON’T FORGET Displaying Kid’s Artwork.

 1 each of our most popular Suction Cups & Accessories.

25 Pieces

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Latest News:  

Double-Sided 1” diameter cups are now in stock.

Expanded SCREWS-offerings - now in 1/4” & 3/8” shanks
(3/8” gives space between the head and cup for hanging
thick items); In black, white & clear; large & small
heads and non-slotted for permanent jobs.

Expanded Metal Clamps - 1-1/4”, 2-1/4” & 2-5/8”
clamps to hold notes, papers, work orders, etc.,
can now be ordered on most cup sizes.

We’re doing a complete revision of this site. If the   information you want/need isn’t here yet… call.